Friday’s food: Apples

      “People who don’t like food have made a triumph of the Delicious apple because it does not taste like an apple, and of the Golden Delicious because it does not taste like anything.”
American essayist A.J. Liebling – on the subject of USA’s best selling apple – the Delicious.

October is National Apple Month. And so is September. And November. In 1904 National Apple Week was founded. The event has now spread across the apple harvest and runs from September through November…learn more here

Well, with100 commercial varieties from which to choose (over 7,000 varieties available worldwide and 2,500 grown commercially in the USA), you are sure to find at least a few, if not many, palate pleaser’s.

Few foods have become as synonymous with good health as the apple.  Free of cholesterol and sodium, it provides many nutrients along with fiber and water – two things which make you feel full and support digestive action.  So when you hear that old saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”, consider the importance of regular elimination in your overall health.

Raw, cooked, juice – there are many ways to enjoy this versatile fruit.  What can compare with the welcoming aroma of baked apples, Tarte Tatin, or apple pie?  It pairs masterfully with cinnamon and can add a welcome “little bit of something” to bread pudding.  Check out your local market for this in-season fruit.  Many stores also carry pre-cut wedges in single-serve bags for snacking on the go.  Applesauce is great by itself, can be used as an ingredient in sweet and savory foods, and also comes in single-serve packages…just watch out for added sugars.  Pure apple juice tastes great but does not have any fiber and contains more sugar than you would normally consume in a raw apple.

From The Worlds Healthiest Foods: The apple tree, which originally came from Eastern Europe and southwestern Asia, has spread to most temperate regions of the world. Over the centuries, many hybrids and cultivars have been developed, giving us the 7,000 varieties in the market today.

Apples have long been associated with the biblical story of Adam and Eve, although there is actually no mention that, in fact, the fruit in question was actually an apple. In Norse mythology, apples were given a more positive persona: a magic apple was said to keep people young forever. Apples’ most recent appearance in history occurred in the 1800s in the U.S., when Johnny Appleseed-a real person named John Chapman, despite the mythological quality of his tale-walked barefoot across an area of 100,000 square miles, planting apple trees that provided food and a livelihood for generations of settlers…more
World’s Healthiest Foods

This video is fun to watch and shows one use for apples Johnny never considered…




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